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TeachAllAboutIt School resources has been given a new look and update, keeping the only things that bring us joy! (which includes brilliant exam results & learning resources!).

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Our websites are now colour coded to help you recognise where you are – the blue site is our Computer Science website for schools & students (with yellow for tuition).

All of our resources and topics that you are familiar with have been re-organised into courses which can be accessed as part of your online subscription or with free introductions to certain topics. Please click on the courses below to access the topics.

You can now join me for a series of videos looking at your exam question practice. Watch the practice videos and submit a question of your own for free here.

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About TeachAllAboutIt

TeachAllAboutIt was founded in 2017 by Holly Billinghurst, a Computer Science teacher who now supports students full time through tuition and digital resources. This site has been developed over a number of years to be used as a digital text book for GCSE & A Level Computer Science students.

With our online computer science resources now used in a number of schools in the UK and worldwide, the tuition & teacher CPD area of TeachAllAboutIt has been moved to its own website.

We firmly believe that given the correct resources, all students can make excellent progress in computer science and enjoy it at the same time. Our resources aim to support students studying in traditional classrooms as well as those who are home educated or studying remotely.

Our computer science pages include topic introductions for everyone with additional material & resources for subscribers to cut out the pain for revision.

Resources cover: CIE, OCR, and AQA for GCSE & A Level GCSE Computer Science Revision.

Educators can also benefit from access to classroom resources and CPD online or in person.

GCSE Computer Science

OCR GCSE Computer Science (J277)

Learning & Revision Resources for OCR GCSE Computer Science

A Level Computer Science Topics(1)

How to Pass CIE A Level Computer Science (9618 AS & A Level)

Available Soon

ICDL Advanced – Word Processing (Level 3)

Coming Soon
ICDL Distance Learning

IT User Fundamentals (J/502/4206)