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These resources are designed for independent revision. For our full distance learning IGCSE Computer Science & ICT courses with live online tuition & marking, please visit the TeachAllAboutIt Tuition site.

CIE IGCSE Computer Science topic introductions are not endorsed by Cambridge. Please refer to the exam board specification to ensure that the full range of topics has been covered.

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What’s the secret to passing CIE IGCSE Computer Science?

It’s probably the worst kept secret in the world. It’s revision! Making regular use of great revision resources and tools that show you where to study next is the secret of most students success (we can’t help you study less, but we can help you to study better!).

The TeachAllAboutIt CIE IGCSE Computer Science revision resources have been designed to be used by both schools and individual students to help with learning and revision throughout your course of study.

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How do the TeachAllAboutIt iGCSE Computer Science Resources Work?

Each topic is divided into individual lessons supported by videos, quizzes, and a set of computer science revision notes that can be completed step by step to help you manage your learning every step of the way. Each topic has an online introduction with downloadable notes for you to fill in and quizzes to help you practice questions by topic.

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Is This The New Specification?

The 0984 and 0478 iGCSE Computer Science specification was updated significantly for students sitting the exams from Summer of 2023, and we have updated our site to reflect this. Until the final exams for the current specification are sat in Winter of 2023, we’ll be highlighting the differences in each lesson.

In the new iGCSE Computer Science specification for 2023, the programming tasks have been removed. Instead, your programming paper will require you to answer a set of unseen questions on program logic and code.

The complexity of code in paper 2 has increased in the new specification to now be in line with the UK GCSEs and the programming topics in our revision course include practical programming exercises in Python and challenges for any programming language to help you develop your skills in using an IDE in your exam.

Does This Course Include Live Tuition?

The topics and revision notes for the Cambridge iGCSE Computer Science study lessons have been developed to allow you to work independently at your own pace (my full course with online taught lessons can be accessed here). This means that whether you are a teacher setting topics for homework or a home educated private candidate looking for extra study support, you’ll be able to work through the lessons in a way that suits you best.

As a student, you’ll be able to track your progress with our online gradebook which tracks your progress through the online quizzes and also allows your teacher (or parent) to add in extra grades for tests and practice papers as you go. You’ll see your grades topic by topic to help you identify the areas that you need to revise most.

Don’t just plough through – track progress!

CIE A Level Computer Science

As a teacher or parent, you’ll have an extra screen to help you track the progress of all learners attached to your account, showing you which topics they have completed and when alongside their overall score. You’ll be able to create classes to organise your students and broadcast classroom messages direct to their online course on a class by class basis.

For more information about the tools available to teachers and students for our courses, please visit the FAQs & Help page.

I’m New To iGCSE – Is CIE iGCSE Computer Science Hard?

This is a difficult question to answer, because it depends on your interests and the learning that you have already completed. As a teacher and tutor of over 10 years, my honest answer is that iGCSE Computer Science is no more difficult than maths or science, but does require other skills.

Many students have been able to complete the current specification as a fast tracked option, but with the updates for 2023 I strongly recommend that all students follow the full two years of study with 120 hours of study (at least!). This means that you’ll be studying the subject between 2 – 3 hours each week for 64 weeks, so if it’s a lot of hours to spend on a subject if you don’t enjoy it.

Holly Billinghurst - computer science tutor

It’s not just programming!

Although programming is an important part of Computer Science, it is just one piece of a very large puzzle that includes understanding algorithms, understanding control systems, internal computer hardware, and the theory behind the internet and networks. Almost anything that you can think of can be related to Computer Science – need to find a recipe for dinner? The website that you use will have a database created by a Computer Scientist!

In short, you’ll be learning a wide range of topics that will help you decide how to specialise once you reach university (because, our ultimate goal as teachers and tutors is to inspire you to take this further).

Whether you want to become a programmer, a games designer, a doctor, an engineer, or an artist, the problem solving skills that you’ll learn as part of iGCSE Computer Science will be just as valuable.

If you find an error in these resources or the website, please report it here.

Throughout the course, key terms are shown in bold and underline. Hover over these words for more information.

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