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What is the definition of this key word?

A statement where the code will only run if a condition is met.

Examples are IF statements & CASE statements
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Which would you choose if there were 4 possible values to test for?


CASE statements are a more efficient statement to use when a variable has many possible values to test for. Not all languages support CASE statements.
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What is the definition of the key word?

A test that creates a True or False outcome

A selective statement tests to see if a condition is true before running the code. Eg. IF 3 > 2 THEN...
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What is the name for an IF inside another IF statement?


A statement inside another statement is called nesting. The inner IF will only run if the outer IF is True.
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Which would you choose if the outcome was either true or false?


IF statements are used when there are only a small number of outcomes for a variable.
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The Selection Constructs Notes provide a structured way for you to revise topic areas in a visual way. You don’t have to be an artist as it’s all been drawn out for you (or you can use this as inspiration to create your own!). Print the notes, then colour in areas of importance, add doodles and colour, then add more detail to the notes page being as creative as possible.

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