Student Tester

Apply to become a student tester for our new online courses in 2022!  (Teachers – please get in touch at

What you’ll get:

  • Free access to our online self-study resources until June 2022
  • Access to assessment tools to help you maximise your revision

What we ask you to do in return:

  • If you find an error in a resource, quiz, or page let us know by filling in our beta report form
  • Leave an honest review of the resources before June 2022 on our Google Business page

By signing up as a Beta Tester, you agree to keep all resources from the site for your own personal use only. Sharing of usernames, passwords, or downloadable resources is strictly forbidden and a breach of Copyright.

Any account identified as using concurrent logins or having shared resources will be removed from the site immediately and intellectual property damages may be pursued.