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CIE A Level Computer Science (9608) Specification

Paper 1
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Paper 2
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Tuition Feedback

Independent Study:  Week 4 ISP

We focused on identifying gaps in knowledge for paper 2 by completing a number of past paper questions.

As Katie is still having trouble with accessing bitpaper due to her browser, we have been using a shared Google document: https://bitpaper.io/go/exam%20practice/rJI8zhi5X


Lesson Recording: Click to Watch

We looked at translating pseudocode into Python code in today’s lesson.

I am a little concerned that Katie appears to have forgotten some of the fundamentals from the GCSE code and struggled with the sequence, selection, iteration task. Whilst it is entirely feasible that this is just being rusty after a few months away, a heavy focus on the programming from the independent tasks below is advised.

Independant Learning: Week 3 ISP (this video should help with the theory )

Just a few technical notes:

In order to be able to use our online whiteboard, it is important to upgrade your browser. At present your version of chrome is out of date.

It appears that you were having trouble with your Python editor last lesson. You may find it easier to have IDLE installed on your machine. Because of the simplicity of IDLE, you can focus on the code rather than where files are stored.

Revision Help

This section will contain useful links and hints from lessons.

This section will contain useful links & hints


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