Flash Memory

Flash memory is a type of non-volatile memory that uses a similar technology to RAM, but is able to retain the data once the power is switched off.

devices that use flash memory

In fact, the name is misleading as flash memory is in fact a type of storage media.

Remember from our section on Main Memory that:

Memory = running the system

Storage = saving data & programs

The development of flash memory allowed a number of advances in mobile technology as this solid state memory removed many of the issues found with portable devices:

Old DeviceBecameIssue
Portable CD playersMP3 PlayersOptical drives rely on lasers and discs that spin, so are prone to skipping if knocked or rattled
CameraDigital CameraFilm needed to be developed. Images could not be deleted.
PhoneSmart PhoneOnly used for phone calls. Emails accessed on desktops.
Laptop HDDLaptop SSDHard Disk Drives produce more heat & need more airflow. Overheating was common, reducing lifespan of components.

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