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Homework - Arrays

What is the difference between a flat file & relational database?



Key Words

Key words:  Flat file, record, field, query, primary key, foreign key, atomic data – make flash cards for these

Explain the benefit of using a primary key.



Break the following data into atomic data:

Mr Eric Wimp, 29 Acacia Road Nuttytown




Match the term to the definition:

SQL                              This is column of the table, or individuak cell of the row.
Query By Design

This query is built by typing in the code that identifies the tables, fields, and criteria.


This is a whole row within a table.

Record    The query is build using a table where fields, and criteria are selected.


What does the following acronym stand for?





Give an example of a DBMS and how it helps the user:







Complete & explain your answer to the following exam question:

GCSE database example question

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