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Our IGCSE Computer Science course allows you to learn at your own pace, covering the key aspects of both theory and programming papers, supported by qualified Computer Science teachers.

This course is supported by an optional live weekly Computer Science masterclass through the Google Meet Platform where we will be covering a new topic each week throughout term time.

Enrolments on this site are now closed, please use our updated course at TeachAllAboutIt Tuition – iGCSE Computer Science Distance Learning

Important note: Our course covers the course content, however students are responsible for registering with an exam center and ensuring that they have sufficient time to cover the course content prior to exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Syllabus Does This Cover?

This course covers the CIE iGCSE Computer Science course (course code 0984 & 0478) and is updated for the 2020 syllabus update.

Is The Course Different To The Topic Pages on the Website?

Yes. Whilst the topic pages give an introduction to the topics and provide additional revision material for student subscribers, this course is more suited for those who are studying independently or want more support as it includes more in-depth study material, pre-recorded lesson videos, and activities to guide you through the course.

Does The Course Include Practical Programming Skills?

Yes. As the exam board advises strongly that all students have experience of practical programming tasks, we have included practical tasks embedded within the lessons for you to attempt.

All programming is taught using the Python 3 language. However, these skills are easily transferrable to other languages if you wish to use these.

Will You Cover Solutions for the Current Tasks?

A number of practice tasks are included in the course. However, whilst the tasks are live the exam board asks that these tasks are not shared publically. Whilst some may do so, this would go against our ethical code of practice as we do not check that you have registered with your exam center before accessing the course.

Students can access a copy of their live tasks from their exam centers and should you need further help, please get in touch regarding 1-2-1 tuition.

Do You Include Mock Exams?

Yes. In addition to the shorter quizzes within the course, there is a final quiz for each topic that uses short answer and multiple-choice questions, then two mock exam papers at the end of the course which will be marked by a qualified Computer Science teacher and returned to you with feedback.

Students will require access to a python IDE. These can be downloaded free from: Python.org or Mu IDE

Course Content

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1.1 Data Representation
1.2 Communication & Internet Technologies
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1.3 Hardware & Software
1.4 Security
1.5 Ethics
2.1 Algorithm Design & Problem Solving
2.2 Programming
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