iGCSE Computer Science – Number Systems

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Supporting study towards the Cambridge IGCSE Computer Science exam, our online learning course will guide students through the knowledge required to successfully achieve highly in the written exams no matter where they are studying in the world.

Courses are separated into individual topics allowing you to select the learning module combination that is right for you or your child. In this module, students will study the Data Representation Topic covering the fundamentals of:

  • Number Systems
  • Binary Conversion
  • Hexedecimal Conversion

Computer science is more than just programming – it is best described as ‘maths with toys’ where students learn to theorise, design, develop, and apply computational thinking and logic to real world problems. Computer scientists are required throughout many industries for their ability to problem solve from IT experts, to medical sciences, to engineering across the globe.


Important Note: By enrolling on this course, you are not registering to sit the exam. You must register with an examining body to do so.

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