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Common CPU Components: Homework In

Blank Notes to Download – Common CPU Components – Doodle Notes

Today’s lesson -Von Neumann Architecture (Architectures and FDE Cycle – Doodle Notes)


Unfortunately Jack Was unable to attend today’s lesson.

Our initial lesson focused on a programming assessment where Jack used the practical tasks on the website to complete a Sequence, Selection, Iteration task.

He showed a clear understanding of the use of inputs & outputs alongside selective statements using IF,ELSE IF, and ELSE.

The next step for him to move forward is to make use of iteration in the form of WHILE loops.

Homework: I would like Jack to complete the practical task below & upload the python file with comments explaining how he solved the task:

A thief has managed to find out the four digits for an online PIN code, but doesn’t know the correct sequence needed to hack into the account.
Design and write a program that displays all the possible combinations for any four numerical digits entered by the user. The program should avoid displaying the same
combination more than once.


Check the feedback above for the homework due, then upload your files here.

Your marked homework will be added to your lesson feedback:

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This section will contain useful links and hints from lessons.

This section will contain useful links & hints

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