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Who Am I?

Holly Billinghurst computer science tutor

I am Holly Billinghurst, a Computer Science Master teacher, tutor, and the founder of TeachAllAboutIt. Living in Sussex, I worked in secondary education for 10 years and discovered a love of all things education.

Setting up my own company, and teaching with a disability has given me a unique view of the world and fuelled my ambition to make learning accessible for all learners through the use of technology.

TeachAllAboutIt was set up with the key fundamentals of accessible education that inspires a love of learning.

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Who Uses TeachAllAboutIt?

The TeachAllAboutIt website attracts daily visitors from around the globe who are interested in secondary and further education for Computer Science, Maths, and English.

Since launching a distance learning iGCSE project with a team of highly dedicated teachers, we have also engaged many parents and learners within Home Education.

Working in collaboration with large organisations such as the BBC, where I have authored the GCSE Computer Science Bitesize content, and the British Computer Society, has enabled us to establish TeachAllAboutIt as subject leaders and I continue to support teachers each month through CPD webinars on content and pedagogy.


We have been lucky enough to work with a number of businesses through sponsorship and collaboration on the following:

  • Sponsored tuition
  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Guest blogs
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Student study boxes
  • Public Speaking
  • Teacher Workshops

For more information on partnering with TeachAllAboutIt, please download my Media Kit.

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Sponsorship Disclaimer

Where posts and / or promotions include sponsorship, these will clearly indicate the sponsorship within the post. All reviews and posts will be honest – sponsorship does not guaruntee a positive review.

TeachAllAboutIt reserves the right to decline sponsorship where we feel a business does not align with our ethos.