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With the team scattered to the four corners of the wind, it’s helpful to have somewhere to keep in contact with each other in a professional capacity.

Company announcements, offers of new students, and general news will all be posted here. Please do post your own topics – we don’t use a top down approach, and as the old advert suggested, it’s good to talk!

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Below you will find a set of links to our official company documents. As with all internal documents, please remember that these are confidential and are for your use as a TeachAllAboutIT employee.

Staff Handbook

Safer Recruitment Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Health & Safety at Work

TAABI Health & Safety Policy

Business Continuity Plan

Please use the Padlet below to raise & track any issues found on the site.
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The spreadsheet below is a quick reference guide to the information and resources currently on the website.

Blue columns are open access and are publicly available, yellow columns are limited to subscription accounts (all 1-2-1 tutees automatically have student subscription access).

We are currently working through an update of all pages to make subscription resources easier to access – if there is any missing resource, that you would like to contribute to under Admin rates, please drop @CatherineBulling a message!

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