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Free E-Book Preview: Teach All About IT H A Billinghurst

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      If you’re considering teaching, tutoring, or any combination involving inspiring young people, then hold onto your hat, because this magic carpet ride of a career really will show you the world. This free E-Book preview gives you a sneak peak of the first chapter of the full book due to be released in January 2019. Teacher, tutor, and writer, Holly Billinghurst guides you through a host of practical classroom ideas designed to support teachers from NQTs faced with a new challenge to seasoned teachers staying on top of their game. Using ten chapters based on different inspirational teachers that she has met throughout her career, Holly uses humour and present an array of ideas that she uses for everything from engaging students to managing workload. Named after her successful teaching & tutoring website and based on her twitter series #TeacherTips, Teach All About IT isn't just another teaching self-help book, but comes with a set of downloadable resources accessed through embedded links throughout the book making this your practical classroom toolkit throughout the academic year. Features include: Teacher tips, downloadable resources, psychology links, and workload reduction tips.
  • October 7, 2018
  • 17 pages