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Which data type is most suitable for this data?


A string is used to hold a word or phrase. Strings can be made up of a combination of letters, numbers, and characters. This is sometimes known as alphanumeric data
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Which data type is most suitable for this data?


A boolean is a special type of variable that only holds either a true or false value. These types of variables are often used in code as a 'flag'.
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Which data type is most suitable for this data?


An interget is a whole number - this is the same key word that you'll find in your maths lessons. When describing an integer, it's important to describe it as a whole number and not just a number
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Which data type is most suitable for this data?


A char is a single character. Just like a string, it can be a letter, number, or character, but unlike a string there is only ever one.
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Which data type is most suitable for this data?

Real Number

A real number is a decimal number (any number with a decimal point). In some programming languages these are also known as a float.
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Programming Challenges

The code below takes a basic input and outputs whether the input is a string or not.

Extend the code to check for integers by using the .isnumeric() function.

In this second challenge, the code below asks the user for the data type that they want to convert to. Extend the program to allow the user to enter:

  • string
  • integer
  • float (real)
  • char
  • boolean

In this third challenge, paste your code from Challenge 2 and extend it to include validation. This could include making sure that the user can only select a valid data type, and also that their data matches their selected data type.

Download Notes

The Virtual Memory Notes provide a structured way for you to revise topic areas in a visual way. You don’t have to be an artist as it’s all been drawn out for you (or you can use this as inspiration to create your own!). Print the notes, then colour in areas of importance, add doodles and colour, then add more detail to the notes page being as creative as possible. There are known benefits to using Notes (whether structured like these, or independently created):

  • Increased Attention
  • Reduction of stress levels
  • Increased memory for content
  • Deeper learning

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