Individual A Level Student

A TeachAllAboutIT subscription for A Level Computer Science Student Membership allows you to select membership as an independent student of Computer Science for yourself or as a parent.

An individual A Level student subscription will allow you to access all of the additional revision resources on the GCSE and A Level topic pages across the whole website, allowing you to solidify your foundation knowledge whilst also progressing to the more technical aspects of an A Level student.

Whilst all free members can access the basic topic introductions, as a student member you will also have the benefit of:

  • Downloadable revision notes
  • Interactive revision activities
  • Flash cards
  • Full length quizzes
  • Revision videos

All resources are developed by the founder of TeachAllAboutIT – Holly, a qualified Computer Science Teacher and author of Complete GCSE Visual Notes for Computer Science.

Save two months subscription cost when you subscribe with an annual payment of £50.

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