Practice Project Brief & Investigation Assignment

This practice project has been designed to allow you to have a practical exemplar of what a real Computer Science project would look like. Over the course of the next few assignments you will use all of the aspects inside the Algorithms & Programming topics to create your final piece.

Essay / longer answer questions are marked by your tutors. Please allow 7 days for your grade to be updated.

Your Brief

A tutor has decided to open a new tuition centre called “The Learnatorium”. There are three rooms where she and other tutors will meet with students for in person & online tuition. As part of the design of the main room, she has decided to use square tiles on the floor to depict a bitmap design.

The main room is a rectangle 4m in length & 3m wide, but she is undecided on the size of the tiles that will be used to cover the floor, or the image that should be on the floor.

Your task is to design and build a program that will:

  • Allow her to choose a tile size
  • Allow her to choose an image
  • Output the number of tiles needed for each colour & the total cost for the floor
  • Create a text file order showing:
    • The chosen tile size
    • The colours
    • The total price
    • A Run Length Encoding pattern for the floor design

Additional Information

Tiles are priced at £0.20 per 1cm^2 for black & white tiles & £0.25 per 1cm^2 for coloured tiles.