A peek into our tutoring sessions…

Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning.
I have chosen this quote to kick off my first blog post. Along with my lifelong motto, ‘enjoy the little things’, this quote that relates to teaching is so important and something I carry with me in all sessions.
A remark I hear often from my students is “this is so fun, I didn’t realise even realise I was learning!” and these photos give a clear indication why. Enjoyable, rewarding and sometimes competitive activities ensure progress and improve children’s confidence; a fundamental aspect of learning.
One of the many reasons I love what I do is that every session is totally different. In one day I could be tutoring English as an additional language online to five-year old children in China, advanced mathematics to secondary school children in Qatar, to working in my home with children in KS1 on their phonics knowledge, children in KS2 applying for 11+ Entrance tests, students in Year 11 on their English Language GCSE. The variation is interesting and it’s great to meet so many students on their paths in education.
This new blog page of my website will be used as a way to show current and new parents what our sessions entail, a place for me to post helpful resources and advice, and any other relevant educational news and points for discussion.
I hope these photos show the reasoning behind the remark I often receive from my students. Learning should be fun, catered to the needs of all children and designed to capture their interest.
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