Secondary Storage Topic – Notes Bundle



Computing graphical Notes for GCSE Computer Science provide students with a scaffolded structure on which to create impactful revision notes. This bundle combines a printable set of notes covering the Secondary Storage topic with a licence to reprint for all students in your school containing the following files:

  • Secondary Storage
  • Common Types of Storage
  • Characteristics of Secondary Storage
  • Calculating Storage Size

Have you ever seen sets of beautiful revision notes posted up online and wondered how you’re even meant to start? Our students are probably thinking exactly the same! These graphical notes include a structured way to develop visual revision notes covering the areas that students may need to consider within the exam, but without you giving them a printed set of answers!

Students colour & complete each sheet as part of a full set of GCSE Computer Science revision notes, or as individual topics to help them grasp an area they need to study further without the “blank page fear”. notes have been used for:

  • Taking notes in class
  • Creating neat sets of notes as a reflective homework task
  • Creating revision notes to cement knowledge before the exam
  • Identifying gaps in knowledge

No prep – just print & go

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