Girls Can Code! Summer School




Join Holly for this introductory summer school for girls aged 10 to 16 where you’ll learn to solve real world problems using python code and meet other students in our virtual classroom. This group class runs for 3 sessions covering a short project where you’ll be developing your understanding of problem solving and ethics in computing.

Students can develop their code using either Python or Scratch & resources will support both.

Why just girls? Despite our best efforts, girls are still moving away from Computer Science and still make up the minority in most schools, just 6% of A Level students! Results in science and maths prove that girls have the ability, and this course is designed to give girls the space to realise that they also have the interest.

This group is open to all via our online virtual classroom, running for three 1 hour sessions (see dropdown for dates & times) and covers:

Session 1:

  • How computers solve real problems
  • Gathering & using data in programs

Session 2:

  • Why use computer simulations
  • Using code to manipulate data

Session 3:

  • Inputs & Outputs
  • Creating a user interface

Lessons are booked as a course of 3 sessions. Please ensure that you are able to attend before booking as partial refunds for non-attendance cannot be given.

Courses will run with a minimum of 3 & maximum of 10 student bookings.

Additional information

Course Date

17th, 24th, & 31st May – 5pm, 14th, 21st, & 28th June – 5pm, 5th, 12th, & 19th July – 5pm, 5th July, 6th, & 7th August – 10am


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