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Teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning. I have chosen this quote to kick off my first blog post. Along with my lifelong motto, ‘enjoy the little things’, this quote that relates to teaching is so important and something I carry with me in all sessions. A remark I hear often from my […]

Establishing the basics for GCSE Maths
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When I meet a new GCSE Maths tutee, the first thing I ask them to do is a skills check. They shouldn’t view this as a test; they can look things up and take their time, doing it over two or three short sessions if they choose. The aim is to identify any gaps in […]

New beginnings, new habits
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Change can be hard – new school, new job, or in my case, starting up a new tutoring business, mean adapting and making new habits. Habit is a very powerful thing, as anyone who has tried to stop biting their nails or quit smoking can attest. Why do we sometimes find ourselves doing something automatically, […]