OCR A Level Computer Science (H406 H446)

This course covers the topics found in the OCR A Level Computer Science syllabus but is not endorsed by OCR. Please refer to the exam board specification to ensure that the full range of topics has been covered.

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Topics included at A Level only (not AS) are indicated by a *.


GPUs and their uses

Multicore & parallel systems


Benefits & Drawbacks

Writing & Drawing Algorithms

Procedural Languages

Assembley (Direct, Indirect, Indexed)

Object Oriented

Lossy vs Lossless Compression

RLE (Run Length Encoding)

Symmetric & asymmetric encryption

Different uses of hashing

Relational Databases

Normalisation to 3NF


Referential Integrity

Transaction Processing


Arrays: 1 – 2D arrays

Records, lists, tuples

Linked Lists




Tree (Binary Tree)

Hash Table

Tree Traversal

Karnaugh Maps for simplification

Laws of  simplification:

  • De Morgan’s
  • Distribution
  • Association
  • Commutation
  • Double negation

Logic Gate Diagrams

Logic Associated with D type flip flops, half and full adders 🙁

  • Computers in the workforce
  • Automated decision making
  • AI
  • Environmental
  • Censorship
  • Monitor Behaviour
  • Analyse personal information
  • Piracy
  • Layout, colour paradigms, and character sets