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Thank you for subscribing to TeachAllAboutIT. This area is the administration area for teachers to assign and manage student accounts.

Please follow the instructions below to create and activate your 50 inclusive student accounts.


Your subscripion details are shown on the front screen – this includes your account expiration and subscription level. Should you need to change the teacher login details, please contact

subscription details


Adding New Students

All subscription accounts are viewable in the Student Accounts tab. These may be searched, or ordered as required. As more accounts are added, the grid will automatrically resize.

group members


To add a new student, click on the settings link to the right hand side of the Student Accounts Tab. Here, you can also update the group details for your school – this will be shown on student’s login profiles.


Next, click on the Members link on the left hand menu of the settings area (not the top Members link). This will show a list of currently registered students.

To invite students to join, click the Add link at the top of this screen.

Add New Member

This will prompt a pop up where you can add up to ten emails at once to send out invitations to students.

Add Member Pop Up

Once students have accepted the invitation and entered their details, they will be able to log in and access the additional revision sections of the site. These are shown on the GCSE Computer Science topic pages at the bottom of the publicly accessible content.

Additional content is added regularly, and if there is any particular content that you would like to see added, please do get in contact.

All users are required to agree to the data protection and End User Licence for resources on the TeachAllAboutIT website, however we would be grateful if you could reiterate the acceptable use & sharing of our paid resources with students.