iGCSE Computer Science (0984 & 0478)

These topic introductions cover each section of the updated (2020) CIE 9-1 & A*-E iGCSE Computer Science course from CIE including links to past papers. This course is not endorsed by CIE. Please refer to the exam board specification to ensure that the full range of topics has been covered.
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This covers the 2020 specification for both 0984 (9-1) & 0478 (A* – G).

Paper 1 – Theory of Computer Science

The Computer systems exam covers the non-programming theory topics. This is a 1 hour 45 minutes written paper that includes multiple choice, short answer, and longer answer questions.

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Paper 1 – Past Papers

New spec past papers will be listed once available.

CIE papers remain copyright to the exam board and are made frrely available on the CIE website after the exam session. Exam papers are provided here for the purposes of revision and exam preparation.

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Paper 2 – Practical Problem Solving & Programming

The Computational Thinking exam covers the programming theory topics. A set of programming tasks will be set covering the first section of the exam.

Whilst you are not required to actually program these in the exam, nor submit your code, you are required to answer questions about them and write reflective algorithms for o of the tasks.

This is a 1 hour 45 minutes written paper that includes multiple-choice, short answer, and longer answer questions including written code questions.

2020 Paper 2 (21) Section A Practice Questions & Answers

Programming Concepts

Use of:

 – Variables

 – Constants

 – Inputs, Outputs, & Assignment

Programming Constructs

 – Sequence

 – Selection

 – Iteration

 – String Manipulation

 – File Handling Operations

 – Use of Data Types

 – Common Arithmetic Operators

 – Common Logical Operators

 – Common Boolean Operators

 – Data Structures & Arrays

 – Types of Programming Error

 – High Level Languages

 – Types of Translator

Use of Subroutines (extension)



Introduction To Databases

Single Table Databases (flat files)

Data Types

Primary Keys

Query by Example from Search Criteria


iGCSE Computer Science Topic Course - Databases

Study the Databases topic at your own pace with our online distance learning course for iGCSE Computer Science – Databases.

iGCSE programming tasks should be undertaken in good time for the paper 2 exam. It is useful to complete at least one set of practice tasks as part of your revision.


iGCSE Computer Science - Tasks Nov 2018)If you would like help in completing a practice task, take our online November 2018 – Practice Tasks Course

Paper 2 – Past Papers

The past papers below are shown for the 0984 & 0478 specifications. There is no difference between the 0478 and 0984 syllabus at present, aside from the grade boundaries.
0478 is graded at A* – G, whilst 0984 uses the UK grading of 9 – 1.