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Student Independent Study - Arrays

How would you declare a list of names using pseudocode?


Key Words

One Dimensional Array, List Parallel Arrays, Item, Element, Index – make flash cards for these

Describe how you would output each item in an array using a loop.


Why might you use two one dimensional arrays in parallel?


Match the term to the definition:

Index                              This is the data item / cell within the array.

This is the number which relates to the array item to allow it to be used.


A set of data of differing data types which is grouped together. Each one of these describes an object.

Record    The index at which an array will start.


What is a record? (Give an example)




How would you write to the 8th item in an array? Why would myArr[8] not work?





Complete & explain your answer to the following exam question:

array exam question

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