Lesson Plan – Architectures

Lesson Plan

Computer Architectures

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Lesson Objectives

    • Be able to identify the features of the Von Neumann Architecture

    • Be able to explain the purpose of the CPU Registers

    • Be able to describe the stages of the Fetch Execute Cycle


Students to extend LMC task to include the LSL (logically shift Left) and LSR (logically shift Right)

Investigate how addition is used to perform multiplication


Keywords to be given as phonetic list

Registers given as a visual diagram


Students are able to access material via printed copies to take with them

No requirement for hardware at home to complete tasks



Key Words

Von Neumann, Stored Program Method, Binary, Bit Pattern, Control Unit, Control Bus, CPU, Processor, Instruction, Opcode, Operand, Architecture, FDE Cycle

Cross Curricular Links

Digital Literacy – Safe use of the Internet

DT – Use of transistors in processors


Starter: Boggle

Show a random boggle board on the screen

Students have five minutes to create a list of as many Computer Science related terms from the screen as possible.

Award extra marks for anything relating to the CPU or Architectures

Activity 1: Architecture Boxes

Using a set of pre-printed instruction cards, remove each instruction in turn (attached to string) with the students acting as the CU & ALU to decode & run the instructions using the Decode printed sheets that hold an instruction set for their CPU – ‘Class Processing Unit’


  • 1 printer paper box (named ‘Main Memory’)
  • string
  • printed instruction cards


Activity 2: Little Man Computer Tasks

Individually, students work through a set of tasks using the excel version of the LMC.

Students record their progress using a screen capture of each program and how it affected the registers.


Q&A at start
Ask / Bounce questioning
Written / stamps on LMC task with EBI









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