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Covering SQL and database theory specifically looking at relational databases.

Creating an inner join:

This can be ordered using ORDER BY

Link tables allow us to remove any Many to Many relationships:

Adding data using a foreign key allows a smaller database, easier to search, and higher ‘data fidelity’ (correct data):


Lesson recording may be seen here: Click to watch

Well done on your class test result of 93%. That’s brilliant!

We continued with SQL work. It’s important to keep practicing these to become used to the syntax:












Finally creating a new table:


( integer primary key autoincrement,… );


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Covered Binary notation in fixed point and floating point notation.

Intro to SQL – CRUD.

Creating tables, INSERT and UPDATE statements.

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Accordion Content


Using topics covered in class, we revised the areas of :

The bullet points above are links to the introduction topics for each.


Adding in the use of built in functions for time to use as part of an IF statement. These short challenges will ensure that you can take a written problem and decompose it into a coded solution.

Little Book of Programming Challenges - Challenge 7

Your code:

Nour Coded solution 14-09-18

Lesson Recording (Link):

Used the data representation theory topic to create a practical worked example in python of a binary conversion tool.

An important definition for AS coding is the difference between a procedure and a function:

Subroutine – A named block of code outside of the main program

Procedure – A type of subroutine that performs a function such as outputting or saving

Function – A type of subroutine that performs a calculation and returns a value to where it was called.

Each of the key terms is a link to some more information for you.

Today’s lesson recording: (link)

AS introduction lesson. We have set up Nour’s tutoring feedback page and introduced the system. Login is working and page is secure – Nour can now access all tuition feedback and homework direct from this page.

As Nour does not commence 6th form until tomorrow, today’s lesson focused on revision of programming techniques and updating skills to AS. Using a hangman game, we introduced the concept of subroutines with local and global variables.

Today’s lesson recording may be accessed here: 

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Revision Help

This section will contain useful links and hints from lessons.

This section will contain useful links & hints

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