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Take control of your own curriculum with distance learning & online classes

TeachAllAboutIt  is not a large corporation, but a team of dedicated independent tutors who have come together to provide access to their own quality tutoring at a price affordable to both students seeking additional help and parents home educating their child looking for a full course.

Each tutor is an expert in their field and is highly qualified and motivated to provide first class education adapted to meet the needs of all learners.

Online Courses

Courses are creaed and written with full resources by qualified teachers with experience of both teaching and examining for Computer Science & ICT. Courses may be started at any time, but it is recommended to leave a minimum of 18 months to complete the 120 hours of study required for an iGCSE course.

iGCSE Computer Science Topic Course - Full Course

iGCSE Computer Science

Study online towards the iGCSE for Computer Science covering practical programming experience, and an understanding of the maths & hardware that is used to create the computer systems around us

iGCSE ICT - Distance Learning


Add a recognised ICT qualification with the online ICT iGCSE, covering the use of ICT systems and how technology impacts business and wider society, including the practical use of software

Individual Tuition

Tutors are available to offer more in depth support on a 1-2-1 basis or with small groups through online tuition. Much like having a tutor come to your home, online tuition provides individual support developed to be unique for your child.

For home educated A Level students requiring mentoring & marking of A Level Computer Science project work (NEA), please get in touch to discuss your requirements using the form below.

To enquire about individual tuition and for hourly costs, please visit the Online Tuition page.

Use the form below to send an enquiry & book a virtual tour of our online classroom

Complete the form below, or to ask us a question please contact us or visit the student forum.

Please note that your place will not be reserved until a deposit is received for each course. Please select "Enrol Now" to reserve your place from £21 per couse.
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