iGCSE Computer Science (0984) – Distance Learning

Getting organised

Studying iGCSEs with us requires very little in terms of course material, but it is important to have some resources to help you complete classes & assignments.

  • Reliable internet access
    • because classes are streamed, we suggest having a connection speed of 12Mbps or faster
  • A microphone (we don’t use webcams)
  • A Ring-binder Folder
    • you’ll need this divided into two sections : Paper 1 & Paper 2
    • keep your completed assignments & booklets in here
  • Lined paper
  • Pens!
  • A Calculator

Your assignments will always be due in the day before your next lesson, so we suggest having a diary to remind you of due dates. Assignments are meant to take time, so please don’t leave them until the last minute!

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