Computer Science Classes Vs. Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To date, we’ve been very British about the whole thing and avoided mentioning the c-word, but in all likelihood, we may face interruption of education on a global scale. As such, we’ve taken an ethical approach to ensure that we can offer as much as we possibly can during this difficult time for students & teachers.

For our current students, please rest assured that as all lessons are currently held online, unless a member of the team is unwell we will be continuing with lessons as usual. We are aware that the increased use of the Zoom platform (and pressure on ISPs in general) during this time may cause a slight reduction in the quality of calls, however we are not expecting a significant impact at this time.

If your school has been affected by closures due to COVID-19, please do get in touch. We are offering the following to support teachers & students:

I would dearly love to open up the whole site during this time. However, in doing so we would run a very real risk of not being able to provide the current services. Instead, as a company, we are happy to donate what time and resources we can to assist our colleagues in education at this time.

We will continue to update this page following official advice.

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